Custom Services/Request

Yes, we accomodate a number of other requests not outlined on our home page. Please contact us directly at 310-892-2043 for specific details.



Rates are based on:

  • Location
  • Number of Client Signing
  • Pages in Packet
  • Notarization
  • # of Signings Requested Per Month
  • Other Specific Request(s)

Resetting Online Portal Password or Login Information

Please contact us directly for more information. We are available 24/7 to help. 310-892-2043.

Signing Agent Payments

We offer three type of payment types as of now. Additional methods are currently in the works so please be patient as we continue to improve our process.

Payment Methods:

  • ACH/Direct Pay Same Day*
  • ACH/Direct Pay 10-15 Day
  • Check

ACH/Direct Pay will require a one-time pre online verification that takes 3-5 days. Please call 310-892-2043 to Get Started.

Checks are batched twice monthly and cut between the 1-5 and the 15-20 or each month. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

To Access your outstanding payments, please login into your online portal at app.rapidsignnow.com.

Firm Signing Charges

Cases are charged nightly within 24-48 hours of your documents being uploaded to your firms online drive.

All charged cases and invoices can be review and downloaded via your online portal. app.rapidsignnow.com

If you have specific questions about billing, please call us directly at 310-892-2043.